FirstPROOF - Advanced Raster Soft Proofing

FirstPROOF is a client-based Post-RIP soft-proofing application that allows any workstation on the network to view Harlequin RIP Page Buffer files or 1-bit TIFF separations. Users can quickly view and approve output from multiple RIPs prior to imaging proofs, film, or plates. FirstPROOF enables easily navigation of raster data, zooming in and out to quickly check separations, layouts, type, traps, screen angles, general content, and much more.

FirstPROOF is an essential tool for any printing environment that wants to eliminate waste. This application runs on both OS X and Windows operating systems.

FirstPROOF is available in three versions; Professional (Pro), Standard (Std) and Lite (Lite).

Free 30 Day Trial Versions of FirstPROOF Professional are available upon request.  Contact Us

Advanced Digital Plate Soft-Proofing Solution
Final sets of digital separations of any job or imposition flat can be held and quickly reviewed as a quality control prior to imaging on digital presses, large format plotters, film or plate imagers.  

Using FirstPROOF
FirstPROOF Pro client stations can easily roam ripped data from multiple RIPs on the network, zooming in and out dynamically to check type, traps, and more from anywhere on the network while other files continue processing.

Available to run on either Windows or Mac OS X, FirstPROOF allows users to remotely view and approve output from multiple RIPs prior to final plate imaging. The software allows one to easily and quickly navigate around processed jobs, zooming in and out to check layout and content.  This powerful software has a remarkable number of tools built-in for viewing, color usage, color management, measuring, printing, any more.   

FirstPROOF Product Sheet

Product Sheet

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FirstPROOF!   Dot-for-dot digital proofing to ensure accuracy before plating.
FirstPROOF powerful high performance post-RIP system, that will consistently save the user time and money through an improved workflow, reduced proofing costs and reduced errors on press.

FirstPROOF Standard is an entry-level pre-press soft-proofing product that allows for easy tracking, viewing and checking of ripped jobs prior to output. When added to an existing Harlequin, EskoGraphics, Presstek DI or TIFF RIP, it provides a significant improvement in proofing jobs before output.

FirstPROOF Professional is a color accurate prepress soft-proofing product built on top of FirstPROOF Standard that includes color accurate soft-proofing, a larger tool set and significant additional features.  It provides a post-RIP workflow with a number of extremely sophisticated capabilities. The Color Management capabilities in particular, significantly removes or reduces the need for slow and costly hard-copy proofs.

For CtP RIP users in particular, FirstPROOF is a critical component of a modern computer to plate RIP workflow. With direct imaging of plate data before printing, FirstPROOF allows the user to check many things that were previously done with film, but with plates are no longer possible; for example with film one used to check the content, overlay film to check for moire, measure objects on film, rotate or mirror the film if required, make a chromaline from the film, etc...

Support for Harlequin PGBs allows FirstPROOF to work with any Harlequin RIP, providing a tightly integrated workflow. Support for standard TIFF files allows FirstPROOF to connect to almost any high end RIP system.

• High performance remote (LAN) image viewing – pan (drag or scroll), zoom, rotate & flip
• Job control – approve, reject, delete or output jobs
• Positional tools – current coordinates, adjustable rulers, grid lines & guidelines
• Color tools – background paper color & opaque inks
• Modern UI – job hierarchy, job info, page thumbnails, navigation window & tool tips Features (Pro)
• Measurement tools – distances, areas, screens (frequency & angle), color, density & bar codes
• Advanced tools – view black, ink limits, dot gain, tone curves, cylinder seam & duplex view
• Color management – color accurate viewing, including a gamut check tool
• Page modification tools – merge, rotate and clean
• Printing – separations, progressives or composites to any Windows/Mac printer


RIPs Supported
• Harlequin RIP v. 4 - v. 10                   • Presstek RIP (DI format)
• Esko Flex RIP (LEN format)                 • All 1-bit TIFF RIPs

Operating Systems Supported:
• Windows 2000 andWindows XP, Windows 7 (FirstPROOF v.5.2 and earlier)
• Windows 7 / / 8.1 (FirstPROOF 6)
• Mac OSX (PowerPC) and Mac OSX (Intel) 10.2 - 10.8 (FirstPROOF v.5.2)
• Max OSX (Intel) 10.2 - 10.8 (FirstPROOF v.6)