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Make Your Production Work Smarter Through Automation

Today’s production environment is changing, evolving, expanding. Print production is consolidating, print and Digital production are starting to merge and more work needs to be completed in less time with fewer resources. Time is in short supply forcing you to find new ways to work smarter.

Fortunately, Fusion Systems International offers a single source for integrated solutions tailored to your specific workflow automation needs.  Our unique and extensive print production experience is backed by comprehensive technical expertise to provide the widest range of leading solutions backed by exceptional customer service and support.  Working directly with Fusion Systems is your most cost-effective means to easily automate a wide range of time-consuming, repetitive tasks—so you can start to work smarter - not harder.  

Solution For Serving Multiple Departments

  • Use Enfocus Switch to add automation across multiple departments to save hundreds of man-hours that can be better utilized in other ways.

  • Accelerate production, improve communications with clients, production personnel, ad sales and management, improve quality, control and maximize your team’s productivity.

  • Automate file retrieval and reception (images, articles, commercial print jobs, etc.), auto-rename files to your required naming convention, automate preflighting and file correction, sorting, routing and so much more.

  • Automate a wide range of third-party applications for color standardization, ink optimization, intelligent image enhancement, (both print and electronic editions), and e-Edition content publishing. The possibilities are amazing.

  • Accelerate all file processing, including file Rasterization (RIPing) using Fusion line of Harlequin RIPs for OSX and Windows.


Today’s Graphic Arts industry is more competitive than ever. For over 20 years FSI has been offering best-of-class products and integrated solutions that enhance our customer's prepress, digital publishing and print production efficiencies, quality and profitability.



Powerful Systems Integration backed by quality training, service and on-going support are all part of the solutions we provide.  From automating file receipt, PDF preflight and correction to automated ink optimization,  imposition, plating,  and more



Fusion Systems International provides all of your technical support and service requirements. From simple applications training to advanced systems installations, integration, training, and comprehensive technical support and service

Ready to Start Working Smarter?
Learn more about the power of the Enfocus Solutions by requesting a workflow demonstration.  Enfocus Switch and PitStop Server easily integrate with any digital front-end or imposition solutions you are using now. 

Fusion Systems- Superior Solutions and Technical Support to Meet Your Needs

Fusion Systems International is a leading provider of integrated prepress workflow systems, workflow automation, color management and advanced publishing solutions.  We specialize in scalable technologies tailored to specific client needs using world-class software and hardware products.

At Fusion Systems you'll find a team of professionals who know the day-to-day challenges of getting prepress, publishing and quality color print work completed efficiently. From page design, to the pressroom, the final print and published product, and all points between. Our staff is able to understand and recommend solutions that will improve your production, reduce your operating costs and enhance your quality,