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Your Customers Are Not Unique
Getting display ads to print correctly—even with manual intervention and editing-- can be challenging due to a wide range of variables. Designers with little knowledge of printing all too frequently create problematic page and advertisement layouts.
Common problems such as missing fonts, low-resolution images, RGB or rich blacks, spot colors, incorrect ICC profiles, etc. all too often cause time-consuming problems to surface during file rendering and printing. The result is unhappy customers, make-good ads or both.
Take Charge, End Ad-Rebates and Make Happy Customers
Fortunately, Enfocus Connect offers a simple, cost-effective way for you to make life easier for your advertisers, your ad sales team and your production staff to ensure that all ads are delivered ready to print at the highest possible quality.
Enfocus Connect manages all the technical details related to ad submission so your customer doesn’t have to. It provides a one-step process for submitting ads, or even entire commercial print jobs, press ready and delivered exactly where you need them.
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Today’s production environment is changing, evolving, expanding. Print production is consolidating, print and Digital production are starting to merge and more work needs to be completed in less time with fewer resources. Time is in short supply forcing you to find new ways to work smarter.

Fortunately, Enfocus Production Solutions—the most cost-effective means to easily automate a wide range of time-consuming, repetitive tasks—are here to help you to work smarter.  

One Solution Serving Multiple Departments

  • Use Enfocus Switch to add automation across multiple departments to save hundreds of man-hours that can be better utilized in other ways.
  • Accelerate production, improve communications with clients, production personnel, ad sales and management, improve quality, control and maximize your team’s productivity.
  • Automate file retrieval and reception (images, articles, commercial print jobs, etc.), auto-rename files to your required naming convention, automate preflighting and file correction, sorting, routing and so much more.
  • Automate a wide range of third-party applications for color standardization, ink optimization, intelligent image enhancement, (both print and electronic editions), and e-Edition content publishing. The possibilities are amazing.

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Bodoni Systems releases pressSIGN v.7

Discover How Easy It Is To Achieve Accurate and
Repeatable Print Color

     Click Here For More On      Bodoni pressSIGN 7

     Click Here For More On
     Bodoni pressSIGN 7

Learn about the latest pressSIGN 7 - designed to make it even easier and faster to hit your customers' print standards.

New features in 7

  • New dry back feature
  • Site groups (GPM only)
  • Ink Substitution
  • Update to synching color libraries (GPM only)
  • Automode
  • Hot folder aliasing using wild cards
  • Job Templates
  • Open Jobs from URL links
  • Server Monitor application

More details

Sitegroups - GPM (Global Print Management)

To help print management and multi-site companies organise sites and improve the monitoring capability we can now create site groups with their own administrator(s). Companies or sites can be in several sitegroups. This enables sites to be organized and administered in different ways, for example, by region and by print process.

Ink Substitution - GPM

pressSIGN is used by many large packaging companies that are constantly changing spot colours from one job to the next. They want to run with the same colour bar all the time. In the latest version of pressSIGN GPM they will be able to swap out the CMYK colours for spots and pressSIGN will happily measure and report.

Synching colour libraries - GPM

We introduced the facility to synch a colour library from a central server to multiple sites in version 6. Version 7 updates this facility by selecting which libraries are synched and which are not and applies this to sitegroups.


Fed up with typing in the same information into a new job window? pressSIGN 7 introduces Templates. In the new job window create a job with all the features you want and make this a template that you can use over and over again. No more duplication of typing, just add the new job name. Job templates can be edited so they can be refreshed with updated settings.

Automode - GPM

The new Automode feature enables pressSIGN to monitor a hot folder and automatically pick up the file and populate pressSIGN. The first introduction of Automode is for SVF files only. That is files coming from Intellitrax, EasyTrax and Komori PDCS.

Working with Templates pressSIGN Automode can pick up complete job details which means operators don't need to duplicate job set ups in both closed loop systems and pressSIGN.

Hot folder Aliasing with wild cards

To make automode even more powerful and effective we can use aliases to represent much more sophisticated information. For example, A project called XYZ can be used select a template that produces a new job in pressSIGN with the correct print target, the colour bar, the client, the press, the ink & paper, a category and who the operator is.

Aliasing also helps in replacing inappropriate special colours with the correct spots. For example the or gin al library may only have Pantone library, but now you want to replace these with the new Pantone + series. pressSIGN will swap out the old colours and guide the operator to the correct target for the new library.

Server Monitor Application

pressSIGN 7 comes with an additional application that allows users to check that the server is running correctly. In addition the Server Monitor will automatically back up the database on a Daily, Weekly and Yearly basis. If your database is getting too large then the server monitor can be set to delete files older than a defined date