G7 Master Printer Certification Services

Color Management and Certification Services
Fusion Systems is G7 Expert Certified and has the expertise to help you solve color reproduction problems, implement industry standard color reproduction processes, objectively measure and ensure consistent color across all imaging and printing devices, and more.  
The net result is better looking quality products, reduced operator time and reduced material waste.  
      •  Achieve similar visual results across Sheet-fed, Web, Flexographic, Digital and Proofing processes
      •  Harmonize print color appearance and consistency across technologies and reprints
      •  Install sound, repeatable practices to guarantee results and objective industry color standards
      •  Reduce operating waste and expenses by improving make-ready and client satisfaction

Interested in achieving G7 Master Certification?  We provide on-site training, custom ICC profile creation services, hardware and software to get you qualified and register with the IDEAlliance.  This G7 Master designation distinguishes prepress and print service providers, and creative agencies as excellingin implementing the G7 Proof-to-Print Process, the key calibration method enabling printers to achieve a visual simulation across multiple print platforms. 

G7® Master Qualification has been adopted by many of the leading printers in the market today. Why? Because they know it strengthens their business, and opens up market opportunities they would simply not have without it.

Benefits include:

  • Faster make-ready - reduce waste, decrease turn around times, produce more.
  • Greater consistency - across all jobs and remakes.
  • Avoid re-makes and Reduce Costs.
  • Acquire print predictability: know what you'll get on press - before you get there.
  • Accept work from national print buyers and customers who demand their printers
    be G7® Master Printers.

Higher quality adherence to ISO Standards to achieve verifiable results every time.

Maintaining G7® quality output requires specific software and hardware that are capable of measuringcontrol strips and providing adjustment feedback. This software and hardware is not included in the above prices.

Ongoing adherence to G7® requires continued process and quality management. Variables such as humidity, heat and paper moisture content all effect the quality of print output, and must be accounted and adjusted for on a regular basis. The services and training provided by our G7® Experts will give you the tools to maintain standards adherence.

Expertise and Services
Many companies offer G7®/GRACoL® related services and products, but not many companies have the depth of practical, as well as technical expertise available from Fusion Systems International. Our G7® Certified Experts have extensive experience successfully implementing the G7 Print Process within Web, Sheetfed, Newspaper, Flexographic, and Inkjet print environments. Contact us today for a free consultation on how G7 Certification can be completed in a non-disruptive manner at your print facility.

Profiling Services from Fusion Systems
GRACoL® Services from Fusion Systems involve using the best available tools to achieve measurably accurate results.  Fusion Systems' professionals can provide advice on selecting the right tools for your color management needs, from the straightforward calibration of a monitor to creating custom ICC profiles of your color devices. We can train your personnel remotely over the web, or onsite, on how to use these tools for lower costs and raising quality. Our pros can create and maintain a comprehensive program across your operation; whether your business is publishing, pre-press or printing.

G7® Master Qualification Pricing

The following pricing includes the service and onsite training for two individuals, and will encompass one full day of work.

1 press, 1 paper stock - $1250
1 press, 2 paper stocks - $1750
Custom price quotes provided on request.  

Travel and per-diem are billed separately.  

Contact us to get started controlling costs and raising quality now!