Fusion Systems International is a leading provider of advanced workflow solutions based on best-of-class products, seamlessly integrated to produce powerful production automation.  Integrated solutions are tailored to specific automation goals, needs and budgets. The summary list of solution components below provides links to more detailed product information. 

Fusion Harlequin RIPs
Fusion Harlequin RIPs and add-ons for OSX and Windows operating systems.  Fusion Systems has been a Global Graphics Software Ltd. OEM Partner since 1996. We are one of the only OEMs writing workflow Plug-ins for Harlequin RIPs.   In addition to being a leading graphic arts solutions provider and systems integrator,  Fusion Systems International offers the widest range of Harlequin RIPs and add-on productivity  options.

Fusion DigiPage ROOM Workflow
Fusion DigiPage - A unique Harlequin RIP Output Device Plug-in that provides a complete ROOM (RIP Once, Output Many) Workflow for single page processing, post-RIP Proofing and Post-RIP page          and imposition. Provides automated Template-based file routing, Dynamic Directory Generation,                                        Post-Process workflow automation using open scripting standards.

Fusion FasTIFF Workflow Accelerator
FasTIFF is an output plug-in for Harlequin RIPs that provides higher performance of all TIFF file output generation. This includes 1-bit TIFF, or 8-bit TIFF and Anti-aliased 1 or 8-bit TIFF.  FasTIFF supports RGB, CMYK, CMYK + Spot or all Spot color spaces.   FasTIFF also provides support for Durst Lamda LightJets and Rho Flatbed Imagers.  Faster file generation performance and unique Template-base Naming and open Post Process Scripting support provides greater productivity and workflow efficiency.

Fusion Publication Proofing System
Internet Based proofing solution that uses standard web browsers to view and approve post-RIP "Dot-Locked" page proofs organized by Publication Name, Publication Date, Section, Zone and Page Number.  As pages are approved the high-resolution pre-RIPed production pages are forwarded for imposition and output to film, plate or digital press. Provides secure log-in access so remote clients see only their work. Clicking on publication page images brings halftone dot PDF proofs into view for fast review, emailing, commenting, and even remote hard copy printing.


Fusion TrapPRO
A good trapping solution must be flexible enough to support various digital workflows while providing impeccable quality. TrapPRO In-RIP automated trapping provides phenomenal trapping technology at a remarkably affordable price.  TrapPRO is easy to set and use for most any type of printing situation. The automated trapping flows eliminate time-consuming human intervention. This results in faster throughput and turnaround which in turn means greater profitability.

8-Up Imposition.png

Imposition Solutions
Imposition solutions for every type of print environment and production requirement. From pure PDF only imposition to post-RIP 1-bit TIFF imposition with automated digital compensation for web-stretch, direct print plate image flopping and individual color separation plate cocking.  All solutions can run interactively or in a full automation mode. 


Ink Optimization and Color Standardization
ZePrA from ColorLogic offers a solution for automating the color conversion of PDF and pixel files by means of ICC and DeviceLink profiles. This includes profiles for ink savings and optimal total area coverage.  A few clicks is all it takes. ZePrA automatically configures all the necessary hot folders and is instantly ready to process PDF, TIFF and JPEG data for the CMYK, RGB and Grayscale color spaces and spot colors. 


CIP3 Press Ink Console Presetting
The Fusion RIP CIP3 Option produces Print Production Format (PPF) files as specified by the International CIP4 Committee..  Now the same RIP that generates your printing plates can also create PPF files that set ink-keys quickly and easily on the press. This CIP3 option can bring the press to color far faster, reducing make-ready times and wastage.



Screening Technologies
Fusion Systems offers a wide range of Screening Options to better meet the graphics reproduction needs and requirements of diverse printing technologies.  This extensive library of screening options includes AM or Rational Precision Screening, FM or Stochastic Dispersed Screening, HXM or Cross Modulated Screening, DM or Digitally Modulated Screening and  HEDS Error Diffusion Screening for composite Variable Dot Inkjet Printing.



Raster Soft Proofing
FirstPROOF, from Hamillroad Software Ltd. is an extremely high performance post-RIP raster data viewing engine. Nothing works as efficiently or as effectively for final quality control digital proofing prior to imaging.  Perfect for viewing high resolution data from Harlequin, Esko Flex (LEN), Presstek DI or any RIP capable of generating 1-bit TIFF data.  With FirstPROOF users can rapidly zoom in and out, pan and rotate the view in real time, analyze separations, emulate dot gain, simulate media characteristics and accurately match press color reproduction performance.

Enfocus Switch Workflow Automation
Optimize, Organize and Take Control of Processes by Automating - Switch fully automates the flow and creation of production files, job information and how they’re created, shared and received. Switch enables the integration and automation third-party applications you already own and use, linking everything together into customized production workflows.



Enfocus Connect ALL
Connect removes the confusion for proper PDF creation and job delivery in way that is so simple anyone can use it.  Connect automates the creation of quality PDFs at the designer's desktop or any client site. PDF files are automatically preflighted, formatted to your print or usage requirements and automatically transferred to your production site. Connect integrates and connects to Switch workflows, FTP sites, Dropbox accounts and more.



Enfocus PitStop Pro
Automated PDF Preflighting, File Correction and Reporting- PitStop Server brings editing and correction to the next level without the need for user interaction. Correct text errors, convert colors, renumber pages, set correct page boxes, apply stamps, insert cover pages, move, rotate, and scale objects— these are just a few of the possibilities. Automated transparency flattening allows you to ensure consistent results also when outputting to different devices.



Enfocus PitStop Server
Automated PDF Preflighting, File Correction and Reporting  - PitStop Server brings PDF preflighting, editing and correction to the next level without the need for user interaction. Correct text errors, convert colors, renumber pages, set correct page boxes, apply stamps, insert cover pages, move, rotate, and scale objects— these are just a few of the possibilities. Automated transparency flattening allows you to ensure consistent results also when outputting to different devices.



Automated Image Tuning
Elpical Claro provides a complete image processing workflow for printers, publishers and online communication companies that require fast processing of high volumes of images while achieving cost reduction and improved quality.  Claro Premedia individually analyzes each image for a range of specific parameters and then enhances the image for highest-quality results… even images inside a PDF.  Claro also automates other image or photo processing tasks such as intelligent ICC-based DeviceLink conversions or file format conversions.


ColorPRO In-RIP ICC Color Management
Harlequin ColorPro™ provides excellent color process control, giving accurate, consistent and predictable color reproduction for a wide range of workflows. Harlequin ColorPro provides full support for industry standard ICC profiles (including device link and N-channel profiles) avoiding dependence on the generic, system level color management of the computer's operating system.

PressSIGN 9.png

Press Color Control and Validation
pressSIGN-Pro measures, controls, monitors and evaluates the colour printing process for litho, digital, flexo and gravure.  pressSIGN-Pro features a complete set of analysis tools to improve press and operator performance identifying issues of both quality and wastage.



LED Calibrated Lighting Solutions
SmartLightningSystem ® LED-based Norm-light solutions for production and soft-proofing.  New developments now enable greater control and precision over color temperatire and luminescence to   
                                 ensure accuracy to the required result and print standard specification.