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ColorLogic Releases ZePrA 6.1.2

The update of ZePrA 6.1.2 is highly recommended for any ZePrA 6 customer and can be downloaded free of charge via the Update Check in the application. Please direct ColorLogic users to update their ZePrA version if they report any issues.

This update is important as it includes the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed inversion of PDF elements in DeviceN or Separation color space “Black”. This bug was introduced
    with the previous version 6.1.1 and we recommend all client to update.
  • Fixed unwanted quotation marks around spot color names after exporting a spot color library as CxF file.

Any users who have not yet updated to the latest major version of ZePrA may get in contact with a Fusion Systems for upgrade options and pricing. Updating to the latest version is important and provides the newest features and even speed improvements!

Please inquire about adding a Software Maintenance Agreement to any application to ensure you always have the latest version at no additional cost.

Enfocus launches Switch 2018

Production transparency is the key theme for Enfocus Switch in 2018.

Enfocus, an Esko company, is proud to announce the release of Switch 2018, the latest version of its automation solution for the professional print market.

Switch 2018 reflects the changing needs of the market, where limitations within a workflow are now a thing of the past and diversification is key to the survival of print service providers.

As Switch Product Manager, Toon Van Rossum explains, the power of automation relies on three main characteristics – agility, transparency and openness.

“When automation is driving your business, it is essential that you have a solution that provides full control and transparency of your production. It needs to be agile in order to scale with your business as you diversify, and it needs to be open so that all disparate –  multi-vendor – systems, both old and new, connect to each other. It’s what I refer to as ‘True Automation’ and this is our mission with Switch.”

Switch 2018 ships with significant new features – Job Finder, Webhooks and Private Data for All. Another new feature – the online intel dashboard – will come later, in update 1 for maintenance customers. Switch 2018 users will also be able to benefit from a new Reporting Module, available separately and due for release before summer 2018.

Automate time-consuming tasks the right way by using Enfocus Switch

Major New Features In Enfocus Switch

Job Finder

The Job Finder is the result of extensive feedback from users and is a significant first step in achieving production transparency. It is for everyone who needs to quickly find the status of a job, based on where the job is located within the Switch flows.

Customizable boards within the Job Finder give a complete view of all jobs, making it easy to locate specific jobs in the Switch flows – a task that typically takes a significant amount of time to complete. 


Connectivity with external services is now possible through Webhooks. Aimed at script-writers, App creators and integrators, this essential new tool will transform the way Switch flows and scripts connect to external services. Simply put, Webhooks allow external applications or services to send notifications to Switch. For example, the notification could contain the status of a job or trigger an update when a new order comes in via the MIS system. Webhooks open up a whole new world of possibilities for script writers, App creators and integrators – and will ultimately simplify your automated workflow. 

Private data

Private Data is a powerful new feature for flow managers. Previously only possible through scripting, the new Private Data feature in Switch 2018 enables the user to store, customize and manage specifc data within Switch. The main benefit here is that data handling is much easier and accessible to all users.

Improvements – One-click Actions

Building a flow is faster than ever in Switch 2018! Some of the most frequently used actions can now be triggered by just one click!

There’s a one-click action to access the sample job variables and metadata, and a one-click action to release all connections that are currently set on hold.

By popular demand, the web-based Job Client has been enhanced with easy-to-use functions to:

  • Find jobs in a checkpoint
  • Edit and update jobs in native application from a checkpoint
  • Select and process multiple jobs at once

5 Reasons why you need Switch 2018

  1. Find your jobs in an instant and use finder boards to keep your production in check
  2. Benefit from Webhooks – the latest technology to connect to modern external services
  3. Open and edit jobs in their native application from within your web browser
  4. Have up-to-date support for your Operating System
  5. Simplify how you handle and update data in your Switch flows

PitStop 2018 is here!

PitStop Pro 2018 – which is available as an Adobe Acrobat plugin – is bursting with new features. The latest version is all about making life easier, saving time and providing additional advanced editing functionality for images, graphics, text and even shadings. PitStop Pro 2018 ensures a print-ready PDF file every time!

From gaining detailed production insight through the new dashboard feature, to simplifying Action List creation and editing, PitStop 2018 users will have the most advanced PDF preflight and editing tool on the market.

PitStop Server 2018 is also released today. The hot-folder based server product automatically checks and fixes PDF files, without the need for human intervention.

New features

Action List Visualizer
The new visualizer feature for Action List is all about saving time and making life easy! In PitStop 2018 users can now easily see what an Action List is doing as it is being created, enabling them to swiftly identify problems within an Action List. In visualizer mode, users can edit as they go, resolving problems on the spot. This feature is one of the most asked-for by users and has already been hailed as a “massive timesaver” by beta-testers! See video

Hard Crop Line Art
This new tool is for cleaning up complex files to improve rendering and output performance. Available in both PitStop Pro and PitStop Server, the feature crops unnecessary clipped content within the PDF file to reduce the complexity of files whilst still preserving its visual appearance. See video

Generate barcodes
Barcodes can now be generated manually or automatically in a PDF file without the need for any third-party applications. PitStop Pro and PitStop Server users can choose from over 100 types of barcodes and generate 1D, 2D, international postal bar codes and GS1 compliant barcodes. The professional barcode library also has options for bar width reduction, quiet zones and optional control digit. See video


My PitStop Dashboard
Production transparency is no longer a nice to have – it is the key to running a successful print production these days. Users of PitStop Pro can now opt-in to have their own online dashboard which visually shows their use of PitStop features and provides information on the type of PDF files they are receiving.

The main user benefit of this new feature is giving users more insight into the way they use PitStop and the problems encountered. For example, you can see how many pages are processed each day and identify the type and quantity of errors in each job. This enables the team to better understand the issues they face every day. Users can also benefit from improved customer support through the opt-in process.

Better integration with Switch
Say goodbye to long lists and workarounds and say hello to the much-needed new folder structure for Preflight Profiles and Action Lists. Assets will no longer be cached, meaning that all new added Action Lists and Preflight Profiles are immediately available – something we know used to annoy our users! Also, another major benefit is that you can now create or modify Action Lists or Preflight Profiles directly in Switch 2018, without the need to launch additional applications. In short, integrating PitStop Server in your Switch 2018 workflow is easier and faster than ever.

Improved line art editing tools
There are three new features in the 2018 versions aimed at improving line art functionality. These line art tools were previously only accessible via external applications, including Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and Gimp, but are now included within PitStop 2018.

The Vector Pathfinder Tool, is ideal for large format, label and packaging companies. It allows for manual line art editing directly in PitStop for tasks such as working with dielines or cutter guides – it is an easy to use tool that saves a lot of time! 

The Offset Path Action allows closed paths (shapes) to be enlarged (spread) or reduced (choked) by value. For example, now it is possible to allow a dieline shape to be duplicated and turned into a bleed object, a varnish or a white underprint – all features used typically in large format, labels and packaging. This was previously not possible to do in Acrobat and required an external application, such as Illustrator. And to further ease the editing of line art, the new Stroke to Fill Action allows objects that are strokes to be converted to shapes so they can be edited using the other new line art tools. See video

New Pantone functionality
Spot colors can now be checked and corrected against the correct Pantone colors and color breakdowns in PitStop, with the addition of the Pantone color library Actions. Furthermore, these new features ensure that Pantone colors in a file are consistent and correct across a whole document, no matter which alternate color space you require, Lab or CMYK.  There are numerous other functions too, including remapping Pantone colors between Pantone libraries and remap colors based on a name match. With PitStop Server, this time-saving feature can be fully automated too. See video

In addition to the key features above but the 2018 versions are packed with many other new features, including

  • Select objects that look black
  • Report on color type of pages (for impression ‘clicks’)
  • PitStop Server XML report v3
  • XSLT option in Switch configurator
  • Check minimum dot Action
  • Exclude soft masks from resolution check
  • Select closed path Action
  • Color with variables
  • Print state of layers
  • Page scaling
  • New Output Intents from Fogra and the Idealliance userunits)
  • Add copied graphic improvements
  • Add Bleed to Mirror only
  • Colors can now be defined in Lab
  • Over 40 new default Standard Action Lists
  • New Devicelink Profiles for TAC Reduction




Bodoni pressSIGN 9 Released

Bodoni continues to upgrade pressSIGN with new features . 

pressSIGN 9 makes achieving consistent color standards easier and faster. Increased automation in creating jobs and projects as well as notification of problems and successes speeds up the whole concept of quality control.

Main features of pressSIGN 9

Automatic Scheduling of reports for everyone

pressSIGN has included powerful search and filtering options for quite some time. These searches can be displayed in the pressSIGN Mobile client. Version 9 permits users to generate an email with these reports on a regular basis.

For example, the head of pre-press may want to know on a weekly basis the scores for TVI or Grey Balance in order to check whether tonal adjustments need to be made. The Account Manager will want to understand how well jobs have been printed for his most important clients. The production manager will want to know how each press is performing and the make-ready times that have been achieved on a daily basis. The MD can get a daily report on the quality achieved from all the presses in the print shop. The options are endless.

No-one has to go into pressSIGN in order to have these PDFS delivered directly to their inbox.

Scheduling is only available in pressSIGN GPM.

New PDF reports

The PDF reports have been completely redesigned to make them more attractive to read with more detailed information that easier to access. Here is a link to a sample report

 The PDF Reports can be customised to include only the information needed and in the order required.

Projects and Jobs

Many users have wanted to gather jobs together that are associated but may have different targets and naming conventions. There is now the option to create projects and as well as jobs. Jobs are children of Project as a whole is given a score based on the average score of every job in the project.

This is particularly useful for companies that have integrated pressSIGN with their MIS or a Pre-press workflow like Apogee which also associate several impositions with an overall project like a book with cover and contents.

Asymmetric Presses

Perfecting presses can often be configured with more a different number of units on each side of the perfecting. For example, an eight color presses maybe set up with 6 units on one side and 2 units on the back, pressSIGN can be configured to accurately reflect this type of arrangement and at the same time work with that press when the perfecting is turned off and the press runs straight.

Automode enhanced

An increasingly important feature of pressSIGN Pro and GPM is Automode which involves automatically setting up jobs and populating them via data from 3rd party measurement devices and/or workflows. The number file types and the complexity of files that can be parsed through Automode has been enhanced in version 9.

Techkon for Mac

pressSIGN 9 will now allow direct plug-in of the Techkon SpectroDens on a Mac enabling users to measure both proofs and press sheets with this popular measurement device that can handle all measurement modes.

  • X-Rite i1 Pro 2 choose measurement mode - M0, M1 or M2
  • X-Rite i1 Pro2 select Low Resolution mode
  • New Techkon SpectroJet with M1 mode supported
  • Synch client names to remote sites (GPM only)
  • Auto Mode now available for ImageControl and Axis Control files
  • Export Color libraries as CxF v3 files.
  • Soft proof shows CMYK values and estimated measured/target values
  • API - connect the pressSIGN metadata with other systems
  • More powerful reporting from pressSIGN client

More details of the new features below

X-Rite i1 Pro 2 measurement modes
In the latest version of pressSIGN you have the choice of different Measurement Modes. If you have an i1 Pro 2 connected by USB then you can select M1 or M2 (UV-Cut). Both modes only work with the Zebra ruler that comes with the i1 Pro and so are limited to approximately 30 cm/12 ins.

Using M1 or M2 requires measuring the control strip in both directions.

X-Rite i1Pro 2 Low Resolution mode
There is an additional choice of low resolution mode with the i1 Pro 2. Low resolution mode is used when you need to measure low screen rulings normally associated with screen printing.

Techkon SpectroJet
The latest version of the SpectroJet from Techkon is available with M0, M1, M2 and M3 (polarized) modes. There is an additional option with the SpectroJet, to be able to read polarized density and non-polarized spectral data. This option and M1 measurements require you to read the control strip in both directions.

Synch client names between servers (GPM only)
pressSIGN ensures that brand managers can have consistency in tracking client details from multiple print suppliers. pressSIGN GPM central servers can allocate client details from a central server to remote sites in the same way that custom color libraries can be distributed globally, to site groups or individual sites.

Automode available for Heidelberg presses
Automode has been very popular since we introduced it into pressSIGN  for SVF files (for Komori PDC-S closed loop and all X-Rite based scanning software like Intellitrax and EasyTrax). Automode works in conjunction with pressSIGN Templates to ensure that jobs are automatically created in pressSIGN from the details in the data files.

The addition of Automode to Image Control and Axis Control closed loop systems means that many Heidelberg customers can also benefit from much faster production set up and control.

Check with the local Heidelberg representative to ensure that customers have the correct Heidelberg license to access the data from the press.

Export CxF Files from pressSIGN

Measurements taken in pressSIGN can be exported as CxF v3 files as Custom Color libraries.

Update to Soft Proofing Module

Open an image in the soft proofing module and hover the mouse over any area of the image. From the "Color Inspector" window you can then see, pixel by pixel, the measured and target Lab values.

This is almost like being able to take spot measurements across the printed sheet. With pressSIGN Global Print Management print managers to check specific areas of interest remotely. For example the company's logo, which maybe of more importance than the photo.

API - provides Metadata connectivity.

pressSIGN provides very powerful reporting capabilities, but some of our larger customers want to integrate the metadata gathered by pressSIGN with their own reporting tools. The latest version of pressSIGN allows third-party systems to query the pressSIGN server for the data they require. The API is based on XML file format and does require the ability to create queries in this mark-up language

Generating powerful reports

Creating powerful reports that can access whatever details are need from the pressSIGN database server has just got easier.

Create reports by adding one search criteria after another with 'And' or 'Or' clauses. You can then save the Search and re-use it.

This new facility allows access to any datasets and then generate the reports required.

Elpical Claro v.10 Now Shipping!


Giesbeek, The Netherlands, March 31st, 2015 - Elpical Software, a leading provider of automatic image enhancement and image workflow solutions, announces the availability of the latest version of its Claro automatic image enhancement solution.

Over the years, Claro has become the automatic enhancement solution of choice for customers around the globe offering the best value for money in its category. Renowned publishers rely on Claro to automate retouching of images, ready for production. They enjoy consistent, high quality results for their print editions as well as their electronic publications. 

Elpical consistently focuses on bringing improved image analysis and quality enhancement. Claro 10 is also a major step forward in user-experience.

 New user-interface  Truly a milestone for Elpical and its customers; version 10 features a completely new user-interface as the most visible change. The answer to the question what makes a good user-interface is not a constant. Expectations are changing as new technologies are adopted. What was intuitive 5 years ago isn’t necessarily today. Hence the new user-interface for Claro, designed to be easy on the eye and intuitive. With version 10 Elpical now has a user-interface that is in line with the great technology inside, a core technology that has never stopped evolving. 

New intelligent color filter  Although Claro 10 focuses on user-experience, we haven’t forgotten about our roots and core technology! Each publication has a look & feel. Some use warm and soft images (i.e. a fashion magazine) some use hard and colorful (i.e. motorsport magazine). Customers always have been able to customize settings to accommodate these different styles. But in version 10 we go a step further. Customers are able to apply a new intelligent color filter that allows for warmer or cooler images using any color they please. Applying a color filter on a complete image is great for the colors in an image but not so great on the neutrals (i.e. white clothing becoming yellowish). The new Claro color filter allows keeping the neutrals neutral while enhancing the colors in images. And, as with all Claro image enhancement features, completely automatic! 

Online, real-time license activation   Claro 10 features a complete license overview, and ability to activate a new license online, in real-time. Licenses can also be de-activated, if they need to be moved to another machine. 

Rental option with automated invoicing, payments and license renewals  Claro has been available in a rental model for a while, avoiding the initial investment of a purchase. Now you can rent Claro by the month, with the option of automatic renewals. Automated invoicing, credit-card payments and license renewals ensure smooth uninterrupted Claro usage. 

Extended user management  Claro 10 offers the ability to create multiple user accounts and assign privileges to those accounts. This leads to better application management. 

Online documentation on elearning.elpical.com   On this new site, clients have access to the full documentation of Claro 10, as well as tips & tricks and a Claro forum where users can interact with other Claro users.

Availability   Claro 10 is immediately available. Trial versions can be downloaded from (www.elpical.com).



Frederick News-Post Editorial Stays In Sync With Publication Proofing System

Automated real-time internet based proofing and production reporting solution simplifies communications between Editorial, Creative, Advertising and Prepress departments, saves time, eliminates errors, ensures quality control.

Fredrick, MD –  The Frederick News-Post recently went live with the latest release of Publication Proofing System from Fusion Systems International.  This post-RIP internet based production proofing system now plays an instrumental roll in simplifying and strengthening communications across departments through out the News-Post’s new 120,000-square-foot production facility.  

Everyone from Customer Service Reps to the Publisher can easily access and review any page of any publication, prior to press time from anywhere using standard web browsers.  

Editorial Staff at the  Frederick News-Post have taken to using PPS to check page-jumps and flow throughout publication sections and special editions.  This enables optimal use of column space, quick last minute adjustments, and improves quality.  

PPS provides an intuitive interface to display full page proofs by publication title, date, section, and zone.  Any number of publications can be individually accessed through unique passwords.

Advanced single-page file processing allows pages to be RIPed individually, in any order, and for any number of publications, as they are released from the pagination system.   Real-time prepress production status reporting and press accurate soft-proofing is provided throughout the new facility and remotely.

PPS makes it easy to see real-time progress of any publication without having to leave their workstations.  The system is also ideal for outside or remote publication proofing. Commercial clients can also log-in to review only their pages in order to take responsibility for approving proofs that accurately show how the job will print.

The digital proofs automatically displayed in PPS are 100% accurate to how pages will look when printed. Absolute accuracy is ensured because the proofing files are created from the 1-bit TIFF separations to be used in post-RIP page pairing and or commercial work imposition. 

As PPS proofs are approved on-line the originating high resolution screened separations are forwarded for automated page pairing and final output.

PPS proofs can also be e-mailed for review, collaboration and final approval.  PPS can also facilitate e-mail distribution of page proofs as e-tear sheets for advertisers .

Fusion Systems Announces Higher Productivity Workflows

Fusion Systems International began shipping new releases of Fusion RIPs and Workflows designed specifically for higher productivity by taking full advantage of the latest hardware available from Apple and a wide range of PC and server manufacturers. These new products are dramatically faster than previously offered versions, and feature several new capabilities.  

New multi-thread enabled versions of Fusion’s DigiPage ROOM Workflow and FTIFF workflow accelerator also provide lighting-fast file processing, automated file routing and halftone dot digital proofing.  All Fusion Systems products are available for both Apple OS X and Microsoft Windows.

Additional new Fusion RIP capabilities include: 

  • Native file processing support for  PDF 1.7 files  
  • Rastered PDF Output for Digital Integrity Proofing  
  • Native transparency file processing support
  • Look Up Table support for the new Pantone Libraries

Fusion Systems RIPs and integrated workflow systems provide unsurpassed speed,  automation, flexibility and a optional features such as trapping, font emulation, auto-color conversion, ICC color management, advanced screening, post-RIP imposition, automated file routing, CIP3, and more.

These powerful enhancements enable us to more easily tailor solutions to our customer's  production needs for driving film or CTP imagers, digital presses, computer-to-screen imagers, and wide format proofers.

Fusion Systems International Awarded G7 Expert Status

Extends Color Management Services To Provide G7 Master Printer Certification 

Fusion Systems International announced that it has obtained full G7 Expert status through the IDEAlliance. This allows Fusion Systems International to certify any printer as a G7 Master Printer, allowing that printer to guarantee adherence to the G7 standard to their customers.

G7 is an innovative specification process developed by IDEAlliance to modernize and improve the latest versions of GRACOL™ (Graphic Requirements for Applications of Commercial Offset Lithography) and SWOP™ (Specifications for Web Offset Publications).

The G7 process simplifies the calibration of any printing device (from pre-press proofing system to printing presses) to the IS0 printing standard.

The process controls enforced by this process have made the difference between good-enough color and great color.” Says Eric Ermshire, Prepress Manager. “The difference in quality has brought new customers our way. This has been a critical edge for us as we compete in a tough industry and tougher economy.” Ermshire continues, “We would not have been able to accomplish this without the color expertise at Fusion Systems.
— G7™ Process at Wholesale Printers

Publication Proofing Systems V.3 Now Shipping

Internet Wide Post-RIP Soft Proofing Solution Receives Powerful
New Features For Greater Productivity and Ease of Use.

Fusion Systems International announced key enhancements to its internet-based Publication Proofing System (PPS). This powerful post-RIP proofing solution delivers raster PDF proofs automatically as publication pages are RIPed through Harlequin RIPs and the corresponding 1-bit TIFF separations are held for post-RIP imposition. 

The Web-based post-RIP PDF Soft-Proofing system is optimized for newspaper and publication environments that need ‘press accurate’ proofs in order to eliminate errors from reaching the plate imager or the press.  PPS provides a simple and organized way to soft-proof and approve pages and ads exactly as they will print on the press.

New features include:

  • Support for unlimited multiple     publications and publication dates.
  • Native Support for Apple OS X servers and workstations.
  • Dynamic publication section addition or     deletion and configuration
  • Extended management control     including Force Send to Imposition from the proofing interface
  • A Clear Imposition feature from the proofing interface to clear and reset imposition queues.

Publication Proofing System is the ONLY product available that gives you the ability to see raster PDF proofs made from the actual RIPed data that will go to the platesetter. All in a simple to understand interface, with complete page approve and reject capabilities.  Proofs can even be emailed or printed on any type of printer, both locally or at remote locations.

PPS is ideally suited for cross-departmental proofing of both display advertising and editorial layout and page jumps.  The ‘press-accurate’ halftone-dot composite proofs created by PSS often eliminate the need for hard copy proofing  and associated consumable costs. 

Fusion Systems Ships DigiPage 5.1

New Features Provide Workflow Automation, High Quality Press-Accurate Halftone Dot Proofing,
and Easy Set-up of Post-RIP Imposition ROOM Workflows -  Available For All Harlequin RIPS

Portland, OR – Fusion Systems International (http://www.fusionsystems.com) announced key enhancements to DigiPage, the Harlequin RIP ROOM Workflow (RIP Once, Output Many) solution. DigiPage 5.0 can be licensed to any Harlequin RIP to enable single page processing, ensure absolute digital integrity between proofs and plates, and facilitate post-RIP page pairing and commercial imposition. 

New features include high quality inkjet halftone-dot proofing, extended task automation, and enhanced dynamic job routing capabilities. DigiPage is available for Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows and is an easy addition to the core RIP for dramatically increasing productivity.

High Quality Dot Proofing
With the new release of DigiPage it is now possible to use any Harlequin RIP, Version 6 and higher, to create sharp, high quality halftone-dot proofs on Epson Stylus Pro and HP Design Jet Printers. DigiPage dot proofs are generated on-the-fly, as each page is RIPped and separated, eliminating the need for additional hardware and software to generate halftone-dot proofs from the 1-bit screened separations. 

DigiPage is easily configured within the Harlequin RIP interface. Proofs accurately show knockouts, overprints, traps and fit exactly as the job will print on the press. Spot colors are accurately folded into a CMYK color space, using a series of Pantone licensed libraries. Built-in ICC Color management is used to achieve press accurate color matching.

Enhanced Dynamic Job Routing Provides Workflow Automation
DigiPage provides the unique ability to RIP postscript or PDF pages through a single input queue and intelligently route the resulting production DigiPage files by file name, publication date, page number, chapter or section, and other criteria to specific output destinations. Reading job name characters can occur from the beginning or from the end of a filename to ensure compatibility with any third party application. Any Harlequin RIP can use the Fusion Systems DigiPage plug-in to create highly automated workflows for greater productivity.

Chronicle Printing Streamlines Prepress, Gains New Efficiencies

Automation accelerates workflow, improves plating to eliminate errors

Centralia, WA – The Chronicle Printing Division of Lafromboise Newspaper Inc. recently upgraded their prepress workflow to achieve greater production efficiencies and quality control in plate production and in the pressroom by installing Workflow ESP from Fusion Systems International.

The Chronicle newspaper is printed daily (M-S), along with the Nisqually Valley News, and Southwest Washington Family and a wide range of commercial work on both cold-set WEB and a sheet-fed presses.

Chronicle Printing has been running computer-to-plate imaging for several years and needed to replace their existing Panther RIPs with a modern workflow. The new ROOM workflow system provides inline pre-flighting and file correction, advanced file format processing, post-RIP softproofing, automated post-RIP imposition and more.

The system also provides internet based soft-proofing and approval capabilities along with new quality control tools for plating across both the newspaper and commercial printing operations. The Chronicle’s newspaper production facility is located in downtown Centralia, WA and the Chronicle Printing Division production facility is across town. Production efficiencies have also resulted from the central publishing facility’s new ability to print layout and design files directly to the Fusion Systems workflow server, located across town, over a dedicated network connection.

“Being able to print directly out of InDesign to the prepress workflow, across town, and
automatically get back post-RIP PDF proofs in the web-browser interface has been a huge
time saver.” - Doug Branson, Prepress Systems Manager at Chronicle Printing

This press-accurate proofing and approval capability has reduced production time by eliminating the need to first distill pages to PDF or .eps formats prior to sending files over to the prepress and printing facility for imposition and plating.

As soon as files are received they are processed on a page by page basis, and press-accurate proofs
are automatically posted in the new internet based Publication Proofing System. Page proofs automatically flow by publication name, date, section and page number into the system and are immediately available for viewing via a secure login. Both internal and external client can view their own page proofs quickly and easily, using common internet browsers.

“Everyone loves the ability to quickly proof their work from anywhere on the internet and the ability to control quality and approval”, states Branson.

As page proofs are approved, they are automatically forwarded and placed into imposition and page pairing templates for direct output to plating. Additional high resolution soft-proofing and hard copy proofing tools are now in place as well to ensure perfect plating.

All adjustments for offsets and fan-out, if necessary, are applied automatically along with all standard or custom plate marks. In the press room the new workflow accelerates make-ready and improves registration by making digital adjustments to automatically correct for web-growth and fan-out issues.

“The new system’s ability to digitally morph a color separation prior to plating to correct for web-stretch,
so that registration is right where it needs on the press is a beautiful thing.”, proclaims Web Press Manager Tom Thunell. This has proven to provide faster make-ready on the web press to reduce material waste, with precision results.

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel Installs Fusion Workflow ESP

Streamlines Prepress Workflow to Drive CTP Lines

Grand Junction, CO - The Daily Sentinel, of Grand Junction, CO, a Cox Newspaper publication, recently installed Workflow ESP, from Fusion Systems International, to streamline their Computer-to-Plate production. Like many other newspapers addressing the need to switch from film to direct plate imaging The Daily Sentinel first needed a cost effective solution for ensuring that every CTP plate imaged would be correct.

The Daily Sentinel publishing company prints its own daily (M-S) newspaper (The Daily Sentinel), a full Sunday edition, as well as several weeklies, and a wide range of commercial work. In addition to the printed paper, The Daily Sentinel is also available online.

In order for The Daily Sentinel to gain confidence that all file problems will be caught early in the production process, far in advance of imaging plates, they needed a CTP workflow solution.

The systems had to provide complete automation of page pairing and commercial imposition, and provide absolute digital proofing fidelity between soft proofs, hard copy proofs and the final plates and printed work.

They selected Fusion Systems’ Workflow ESP, running entirely on OS X, because it was shown to deliver the highest level of workflow automation, had the most flexible and full featured imposition tools, and offered the most user-friendly interface and operation.

The new prepress workflow also needed to be open, non-proprietary, and adhere to industry standards so that it can easily work with any CTP imaging device that is purchased.

After an extensive investigation, The Daily Sentinel purchased the workflow from Fusion Systems International, a leading solutions provider, software developer and systems integrator. They found the Fusion solution to be more open, scalable, and complete.

Since transitioning to the new workflow the newspaper has economically benefited from single-page processing, absolute digital integrity proofing, and highly automated post-RIP page pairing, and imposition.  With the new workflow in operation the paper is already experiencing labor reductions through automation and tremendous cost savings in the elimination of film and plate waste thanks to digital integrity proofing throughout the prepress cycle.

Procedures that use to take hours are easily completed in only minutes. Page pairing is all done automatically, regardless of the file format provided by outside customers.

The system currently provides post-RIP raster-PDF proofing files for client approval or remote proofing.  These proofing files are exact representations of how the job will print. The Daily Sentinel will soon be adding Fusion Systems Publication Proofing System for automated internet based (post-RIP) soft proofing to further enhance their prepress proofing capabilities.

The Daily Sentinel is currently using the workflow to drive their film setters and will be installing CTP in 2009, following construction of a new production facility. When the CTP imagers are installed they will use the same workflow and simply direct separations to the new devices.

About The Daily Sentinel

The westernmost of the Cox papers, located in Grand Junction, CO, The Daily Sentinel is the largest daily newspaper between Denver and Salt Lake City, and is consistently recognized as one of Colorado's best mid-sized newspapers.. In addition to the printed daily paper, The Daily Sentinel is also available online at http://www.gjsentinel.com

Community Newspapers Inc. Installs Fusion Workflow ESP

Prepress Workflow Automation Key To CTP Migration

Portland, OR - Community Newspapers, a Pamplin Media Group company , recently installed Workflow ESP automated prepress, from Fusion Systems International, as part of their migration to Computer-to-Plate.

Like many publication printers switching to direct plate imaging, Community Newspapers first needed a cost effective prepress workflow to provide digital integrity between proofing, plating and the printed product.

Following an extensive evaluation of workflow options Community Newspapers selected Fusion Systems’ Workflow ESP, running entirely on Mac OS X. Blake Jensen, Production Manager, reflects, “Most workflows had some of Fusion’s features but Workflow ESP is more straight forward in its operation, provides real automation, and has a comprehensive (imposition) package for handling any type of publication or press template requirement.”

Procedures that use to take hours are now completed in minutes. “Work that required as much as four hours is now completed in one”, comments Don Atwater, Operations Manager at Community Newspapers, Inc. “Fusion’s Workflow ESP has really delivered, and has cut prepress production time by roughly 40 percent.”,

This reduction in prepress labor time is attributed to the workflow’s single-page processing capabilities, advanced publication soft-proofing, and automated post-RIP page pairing. Labor reductions and the elimination of errors earlier in the production cycle, combined with the migration to CTP has positively impacted the entire production operation.

States Blake Jensen, “We produce over 100 different publications every month and really needed a flexible and automated workflow solution. “One that could process multiple publications simultaneously, in an automated fashion, with absolute digital integrity proofing to ensure that every ad or page that is proofed, and approved, plates correctly”.

Since transitioning to the new workflow and CTP the newspaper has been able to comfortably run all prepress in a single shift. For publications that run on the second shift the system is set up to automatically output digital flats to the CTP imager.

Cost savings from the elimination of film and plate waste is directly attributed to the systems digital integrity proofing throughout the prepress cycle. Blake Jensen points out, “On the first day of running the new workflow we caught three serious file separation errors, in the publication proofing module, that would have otherwise gone to press”.

The system automatically broadcasts post-RIP raster-PDFs of each page by title, section and date onto an internet-based portal for review, approval and remote proofing. These proofing files are exact representations of how the job will print. As pages are soft-proofed and approved on-line, by editorial staff and external commercial clients, the pages are automatically forwarded, page pair and output to the CTP imagers. This takes place both during the main shift and during the second shift long after all prepress personnel have left for the day.

Community Newspapers include the Lake Oswego Review, West Linn Tidings, Gresham Outlook, Beaverton Valley Times, Estacada News, Clackamas Review, Forest Grove News-Times, Oregon City News, Sandy Post, The Times serving Tigard and Tualatin, East County News, Lifestyles Northwest, Sherwood Gazette, Southwest Community Connection, The (Sellwood) Bee and the King City Regal Courier.

They also provide contract publishing management services for approximately 30 monthly and annual publications and full-service printing and mailing services. The company also publishes six Coupon Tabloid shopper newspapers.