Imposition Solutions

Fusion systems offers a complete range of imposition solutions that can be used with most any RIP or manufacturer's digital front-end.  These solution options are designed to meet unique production requirements, no matter how basic or complex.   Imposition software categories are divided by being either a PDF imposition only solution as an Adobe Acrobat PRO extension or as a fully functional stand alone application.

Dynagram inpO2
Flexible PDF Imposition for Digital, Offset and Web Printers

Dynagram InpO2 is a powerful, modular PDF imposition software, built right into the familiar environment of Acrobat 9, X or XI. As a modular imposition solution, you can pick the right features to meet you production needs and budget.

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Dynagram DynaStrip
Professional Standalone Imposition Software

Dynagram DynaStrip is a powerful stand alone professional imposition application that is available is three versions depending on press late size and automation requirements.  DynaStrip supports wide range of file formats.


Productivity Features for the Imposition Professional
Now compatible with the most recent operating systems: Mac OSX and Windows

  • Users now have complete control over color layers and ink density settings for all marks
  • Several improvements have been made to the import and export of TPL templates to minimize the layout differences due to each format’s specific aspects
  • In DynaStrip Automation, it is now possible to manage up to 400 hotfolders simultaneously
  • Complete control over layout requirements for most any type of imposition challenge
  • Includes controls for automated web-stretch compensation and color plate image tilting


  • Easy-to-learn interface that simulates a light-table.
  • Handles PostScript, EPS, PDF, PJTF and JDF files.
  • Network Licensing that can provide protection to up to 10 concurrent users on Mac and PC.
  • Keeps template creation and management to a minimum.

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