Fusion Systems International

A leading provider of advanced solutions for Prepress,
Publishing and Print.

Fusion Systems International is a leading provider of Mac OS X and Windows Harlequin RIPs and advanced prepress solutions for print and publishing professionals.

As a software developer and prepress systems integrator we created the DigiPage ROOM Workflow Automation  and FasTIFF Workflow Accelerator plugins for use with  Windows and Mac OS X Harlequin RIPs.  These are invaluable add-ons for improving speed, automation, ease of use, flexibility, proofing accuracy, and productivity.

Additionally, we created the Fusion Publication System which provides internet wide post-RIP soft proofing of publication pages, remote proofing, page commenting, page approval or rejection, and automated imposition of pre-RIPed separations for absolute digital fidelity between soft-proofs, hard copy proofs, plating and the printed job.


Our intimate knowledge of the printing industry trends and evolution, and our expertise in Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows, means we know how to answer the tough questions and provide the right solutions tailored to your company's needs and requirements.

Fusion Systems International is a leading independent developer and provider of Mac OS X and Windows-based prepress workflow solutions for the graphic arts industry. We have over 20 years of systems integration experience and specialization in prepress software solutions designed to enhance existing investments and or leverage new ones.

The company evolved from a leading graphic arts systems integration business. In 1990, LDR Incorporated established an electronic publishing division offering state-of-the-art electronic publishing workflow solutions to the graphic arts industry. 


An aggressive internal product development program evolved resulting in a full range of solutions for driving filmsetters, CTP imagers, wide-format proofers, Computer-to-Screen imagers along with advanced workflow solutions.

In addition to initial devices drivers, Fusion Systems has also developed unique Harlequin Plug-ins such as Fusion's DigiPage ROOM Workflow Automation, Fusion FTIFF Workflow Accelerator and the Fusion Publication Proofing System for internet based post RIP soft proofing, approval and real-time production monitoring.

Today Fusion Systems provides  Fusion Harlequin RIPs and device interfaces, advanced workflow automation solutions, color management and G7 certification services and a range of cross-media publishing solutions.