Harlequin Precision Screening - HPS


Harlequin Precision Screening (HPS) has long been recognized as a leading rational screening technology for halftone screening.  HPS is an enhancement to conventional screening that uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate the screen angles and frequencies for a particular image that most effectively reduces moiré while minimizing memory requirements.

HPS can make minor adjustments to the selected angles and frequency within a specified range to achieve extremely high quality results. The resulting efficiencies in memory usage and decrease in processing times are dramatic. HPS also provides the ability to generate extra gray levels on demand, other than the ones predicted in a given job.

With HPS there is complete control over screen frequency and CMYK plus Spot Screen Angles if the default angles are not desired.  HPS uses unique adaptive technology to control dot placement within one half pixel of the ideal location. There is also control over Rosette shape allowing Clear Rosettes to be generated for superior tonal gradation in graphics and photographic images.

The 'Generate Extra Gray Levels' feature allows one to specify distinct number of gray levels at intervals of 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048 or 4,096. 

A wide selection Dot Shapes is provided with HDS: Euclidean, Round, Elliptical 1, Elliptical 2, Elliptical P, Elliptical Q1, Elliptical Q2, Rhomboid, Square, Square 2 and Line.   A few are illustrated below.