Dynagram InpO2 PDF Imposition

Flexible Imposition for Digital, Offset and Web Printers

Dyangram InpO2 PDF Imposition
InpO2 PDF imposition is an Acrobat Plug-in technology that is composed of six modules:

InpO2 Wizard (InpO2 Basic) 
• Quick and simple Wizard to create imposition for folded or flat work of any size!
• Easily upgrade your inpO2 Wizard edition by adding modules and keep the same familiar interface you’ve already learned.

Layout Editor (InpO2 Basic)
• The Layout editor adds the powerful light-table to the Wizard.
• Edit your layouts easily with this option

Assembly Planner (InpO2 Pro)
Assembly Manager: Convenient assembly-tree interface to impose projects requiring complex assemblies.
Planning Capabilities: Post-press driven approach to imposition, using press, paper and finishing methods.
Web Press Capabilities: Easy-to-use interface to create complex layouts for single web, half-web multi-web, come and go or section stacking.
Professional Feature Set: Complete page control, ink management, mark sets, checkpoints.

Optimization Modual
• Drag and drop jobs, enter the desired run length and select your target output.
• Override the automated results by changing variables with a simple click of the mouse.
• Gang as many jobs as needed on just about any format size in the Optimization module.

Automation Module
• Drag and drop PDF files into a predefined hot folder to automatically impose common layouts.
• Set-up any automated workflow independent of page size or page count.
• Integrate inpO2 into an existing workflow using the Hot folders to capture new jobs and direct completed layouts to the next workflow phase.

JDF Export Module
• Control over JDF data type and version.
• Export with cutting parameters for downstream finishing.
• Define output settings to integrate with your workflow.

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What’s new in version 5.0?

With this latest release, inpO2 is compatible with Acrobat XI and OS X 10.8, and includes the following improvements:

  • Document Manager improvements: inpO2’s Document Manager has been revisited for easier management of the run list. It now allows users to quickly insert or replace document pages, and move documents or pages inside the run list, with drag and drop of single tree nodes. A quick access to the run list is now possible from the contextual menu of the selected page, allowing user to visually set or adjust documents right from the light table.
    What’s more: printers with prepress workflows using single-page PDF files can now handle multiple page adjustments at once using a range of pages as well as render an unlimited amount of PDF documents in the same job.

  • Page thumbnails and inpO2 Profiles: PDF page thumbnails can now be displayed, instead of high resolution PDFs, for greater performance and ease of use. These quick rendering thumbnails are now part of a new built-in inpO2 Working Profile and can be selected when creating your own custom profiles.

  • Wizard: The Wizard has been enhanced with an option for single- or double-sided Text Marks. It is also possible to override the spine gutter value (zero by default) for saddle-stitch bindings.

  • “Export to Layout” function: Customers who need to manually modify jobs generated with the Layout Manager (.mlay) or the Assembly Manager (.ably) can now do so with the “Export to Layout” function.

  • Marks flexibility: Text marks and side guides can be placed on one or both sheet sides, and may follow or not the work style (turning axis of the sheet) for double-side positioning.

  • Export and Import of inpO2 Presets: New functions were added for the exchange of inpO2 presets between workstations. The Import or Export can be done for one type of Presets (Sheet, Imported mark...) or globally for all user Presets. Imported Presets can either replace existing ones or can be merged. Should a different Preset with the same name exist, the conflict will be detected and a suffix will be appended to the file name.

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