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Enfocus SWITCH
A 60 second overview

Optimize, Organize and Take Control of Processes by Automating

Think about how much time it takes to create, check, convert, print and archive all kinds of documents. Take into account the time you spend checking the status of a job and communicating about it with clients.

Automating these tasks frees up your time, so you can focus on what really matters: delivering services to your customers which you can actually charge for.

Switch also integrates and connects to third-party applications in your workflow, linking everything together into a customized production workflow.

  • You’re always in control of your workflow

  • You know the status of any document at any time

  • Make the software you already have more powerful

Switch makes document management a breeze. You can create powerful workflows that automatically ensure your desired level of consistency and quality while being flexible enough to adjust to new business needs as they develop. Switch is the best document management software around.

  • Install automatic, standardized communication to all your contacts

  • Add as many workflows as your business needs to handle growth

     Buy only what you need now, expand the scope of task automation as your needs grow

Switch is a modular and open solution. Start by automating a part of your workflow and add new capabilities and workflows as your needs change and your business grows.

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More on how SWITCH can automate tasks and processes to save you time

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