Fusion RIP Device Compatibility

Drive Film and CTP Engines using the Standard TIFF Out or Fusions Systems' FasTIFF Plug-in

Below is a listing of Computer-To-Plate engines capable of using  1-bit TIFF separations data files using a TIFF Catcher application, or 1-bit TIFF Interface.

Commonly used 1-bit TIFF interface devices are:  Agfa Print Drive or Agfa Open Connect, Creo Print Console, ECRM CTServer, Escher-Grad ImageSpool, Fuji PictoProof II, Heidelberg MetaShooter or Output Director, Kodak TIFF Interface, Purup Direct TIFF Expose, Presstek DiTools, Screen TIFFConnect.

Fusion Systems International’s Harlequin RIPs can be used to feed 1-bit TIFF separations, to an extensive list of film imagers, CTP platesetters, and Digital Printing Presses.

The Fusion RIP supports the following platesetters either through direct TIFF output, through manufacturer's TIFF downloader or through existing RIPs or hardware that can accept and pass through 1-bit TIFF data:

Supported Devices

A.B. Dick Platesetter (CTP)
AB Dick DPM-2340, DPM-2508 and DPX through manufacturer's TIFF downloader

Agfa Platesetters (CTP)
Agfa Acento including Acento E, Acento S, Acento IIE, Acento IIS using Agfa Print Drive or
Agfa Open Connect
Agfa Palladio including Palladio I and Palladio II using Agfa Print Drive or Agfa Open Connect
Agfa Galileo including Galileo V, Galileo S, Galileo VS, Galileo VE using Agfa Print Drive or
Agfa Open Connect
Agfa Antares including Antares 1000, 1000XT, 1600XT (Cymbolic Sciences Emerald PlateJet 4,
Platejet 8, Newsjet) with manufacturer's TIFF downloader
Agfa Avalon including Avalon II, Avalon LF, Avalon SF, Avalon VLF Thermal with Agfa Print or
Agfa Open Connect
Agfa Xcalibur 45, 50, 60, 70 or 80 using Agfa Print Drive or Agfa Open Connect
Agfa Xcalibur VLF E, VLF E Elite, VLF S Elite, VLF XT, VLF XT Elite

alfaQuestCTP  -  alfaCTP (CTP)
Accelerao, NewsXpress, FasTRACK (all version) Direct using LaserBus PCIe Interface Card and FSI Laserbus Driver, or via 1-bit TIFF using manufacturers existing (Panther) RIP
Panther Imagesetters throgh existing Panther RIP Software

BasysPrint / Punch Graphix Platesetters (CTP)
BasysPrint UV-Setter Series 5 including 541, 543, 544
BasysPrint UV-Setter Series 6 including 646, 656
BasysPrint UV-Setter Series 7 including 741, 742, 743, 744, 745, 746
BasysPrint UV-Setter Series 11 including 1152, 1154, 1552, 1652
BasysPrint UV-Setter 57, UV-Setter 1116 with TIFF catcher

Creo Platesetters (CTP)
Creo Lotem 400V, 400V2, 800V, 800V2 using Creo Print Console
Creo Trendsetter 3244VF, 3244, 3244S, 3244AL, 3244F, 4557F Quantum using existing RIP
Creo Trendsetter 4557, 5067, 5080, 5467, 5880 through manufacturer's TIFF downloader
Creo ThermoFlex, ThermoFlex TFI 5067, 5280 through manufacturer's TIFF downloader
Creo Trendsetter News using Prinergy EVO TIFF downloader software or Creo Trendsetter -

Cymbolic Sciences Platesetters (CTP)
Cymbolic Sciences Emerald PlateJet 4, PlateJet 8, Newsjet (Agfa Antares 1000, 1000XT, 1600XT) through PlateQ (manufacturer provided TIFF catcher)

ECRM Platesetters (CTP)
ECRM Mako 2, Mako2x, , Mako 4, Mako 4x, Mako 8, Mako 8x
ECRM Stingray 63QS
ECRM Mako News, Mako News xtra, Mako NEWSmatic , Mako NEWSmatic HS using
ECRM TigerCat 2, TigerCat 4 using ECRM CTServer

Escher-Grad Platesetters (CTP)
Escher-Grad Cobalt 4, Cobalt 4 News, Cobalt 4 Next, Cobalt 4 Auto using
Escher-Grad ImageSpool
Escher-Grad Cobalt 6, Cobalt 6 News, Cobalt 6 Next, Cobalt 6 Auto using
Escher-Grad ImageSpool
Escher-Grad Cobalt 8, Cobalt 8 News, Cobalt 8 Next, Cobalt 8 Auto using
Escher-Grad ImageSpool
Escher-Grad Cobalt 24, Cobalt 32 using Escher-Grad Image Spool

Esko-Graphics Platesetters (CTP)
Esko-Graphics DPX 4 using the EskoTIFF option from Esko-Graphics or Direct TIFF Expose
Purup Esko CDI Spark 2120, 2530, 4260, 4835, 5080, Compact 4835, Advance 5080

Fuji Platesetters (CTP)
Fuji Dart, Javelin, Luxel FSI RIP (connects directly to the device)
Fuji Dart 4300E, 4300S
Fuji Javelin 8300E, 8300S
Fuji Javelin 8600E, 8600S, 8600Z
Fuji Javelin 8800E, 8800S, 8800Z
Fuji Luxel F-6000, T-6000, VX-6000, F-9000, T-9000, P-9600, V-9600, VX-9600 using
Luxel Gateway
Fuji Luxel T-6300CTP, T-6300CTP S, T-9300CTP, T-9300CTP S, T-9500CTP, T-9500CTP S,
T-9500CTP HS, T-9800CTP II
Fuji PlateRite Niagara, 8800II, 8600, 8000II, 8100 using Fuji PictoProof II
Fuji PlateRite Ultima 1600IIE, 1600IIS, 1600IIZ
Fuji PlateRite Ultima 24000S, 24000Z, 36000S, 36000Z
Fuji PlateRite News 2000
Fuji Sumo (Luxel F-9000) using Luxel Gateway

Heidelberg Platesetters and Presses (CTP)
Heidelberg Trendsetter 3230, 3244 through existing RIP
Heidelberg Prosetter including Prosetter P52, P74, PF74, P102, PF102 through
Prinect MetaShooter
Heidelberg Suprasetter including A52, 75, A75, 105, A105, 145, 162, 190 with
Prinect MetaShooter
Heidelberg Topsetter P 102, PF 102 through existing Harlequin RIP
Heidelberg QMDI Press through existing Harlequin RIP or Heidelberg QMDI RIP

HighWater Designs Platesetters (CTP)
HighWater Cobra 2, Cobra 8
HighWater Python
HighWater Platinum

HP Presses
HP Indigo Presses including HP Indigo 3500, 5000, 5500, 7000 through existing RIP software

Iwatsu Platesetters (CTP)
Iwatsu LP-510e using TIFF Application model (NON RIP model). This uses IW TIFF Print software.
Iwatsu LP-610e using TIFF Application model (NON RIP model). This uses IW TIFF Print software.

Luscher / Luescher Platesetters (CTP)
Luscher FlexPose!direct, FlexPose!direct 250L, FlexPose!direct 301, FlexPose!direct 602
Luscher XPose! 75, 130, 160, 180 with 1-bit-Tiff interface (Q2-Spooler)
Luscher JetScreen

Kodak Platesetters (CTP) and Presses
Kodak Trendsetter 400 III Quantum, 800 III Quantum through existing RIP or Kodak Trendsetter
400 III Quantum, 800 III Quantum FSI RIP (connects directly to the device)
Kodak Trendsetter News through Prinergy EVO TIFF downloader software or TIFF downloader
Kodak Magnus 200K
Kodak Magnus 400, Magnus 400 Quantum through manufacturer's TIFF downloader
Kodak Magnus XLF 80 Quantum through manufacturer's TIFF download or
Kodak Prinergy Evo Workflow
Kodak Polychrome DirectPress DI 5634 accepts TIFFs through an external program called
DI Write

Mitsubishi Platesetters (CTP)
Mitsubishi DPX4 through the TIFF capture option from Mitsubishi

Presstek Platesetters (CTP)
Presstek Dimension 200, 400, 800, Karat through manufacturer's TIFF downloader

Printware Platesetters (CTP)
Printware PlateStream through existing RIP software

RIPit Platesetters (CTP)
RIPit SpeedSetter VM, VMPlus, VM4 using "ImagerQ" - a 1-bit TIFF server for  accepting 1-bit TIFFs

Screen Platesetters (CTP) and Presses
Screen PlateRite 8600, 8000II, 8100 through TrueFlow Dot Tiff Controller (DTC)
Screen PlateRite 8800II through TrueFlow Dot Tiff Controller (DTC)
Screen PlateRite Ultima 32000 and 32000Z through manufacturer's TIFF downloader
Screen PlateRite FX870 through PageFit 1-bit TIFF shooter or TrueFlow software with
1-bit TIFF input
Screen DT-R / MT-R / PT-R through existing Harlequin RIP
Screen Truepress 344 Printing Press (accept 1-bit TIFFs directly)
Screen Truepress 544 Printing Press through existing RIP software

Purup Platesetters (CTP) - see Esko-Graphics listed above

Xante / RIPit Platesetters (CTP)
Xante VM2, VM2 Plus, VM4, VM4 News through Xante's ImagerQ 1-bit TIFF Server

Xerox iGen3 Digital Press through existing Xerox FreeFlow Print Server or EFI Fiery Color Server