PDF Workflow Tools and Automation Solutions

Automated PDF Preflight and Correction

As a must-have tool in any pre-print environment, PitStop Pro is built on Enfocus' award winning PDF preflight and editing technology. PitStop Pro offers all the necessary interactive error checking and correction possibilities.  When you receive more PDF files than you can manually check, Enfocus offers a first level of automation through PitStop Server a hot folder-based application for high-volume preflight and correction of incoming PDF files.

Smart Automation

The marketplace is changing rapidly, as well as ongoing transformations in the way people consume communications. From small companies to market leaders, everyone is looking at operating in the most effective way but is also looking for new revenue streams and differentiating themselves from competition. Enfocus Switch, a modular automation solution, is designed to help you achieve that.


You've already invested in excellent solutions, and Switch maximizes these at minimum cost by reaching into conventional and new cross-media files and systems to optimize their capabilities and connect them in intelligent ways, thereby creating the smartest, automated production workflow in existence. Safeguard your previous investments in systems, training, and people; and use existing tools in a smart way.


Automating GWG AD Ticket  Verification

Magazine and newspaper publishers receive hundreds of ads everyday from a variety of sources. When an ad is received, size, bleed, and color usage needs to be checked to ensure the ad matches the placement purchased as well as the production requirements for that ad. This is often a manual process where a trained operator needs to review the file submitted for accuracy against the booking system.

The Ghent PDF Workgroup (GWG) is an international organization made up of graphic arts users, associations & developers building best practices for publishing workflows. The GWG has created a standard for including advertisement metadata with a PDF file, that standard is named the GWG Ad Ticket.

Switch, along with Enfocus PitStop Server, can eliminate the manual review process by using the Ad Ticket information to automatically direct files to the right process and check them against the specifications to ensure they are correct. In addition, publishers who have not adopted the GWG Ad Ticket format can also get the same benefits from Switch by linking with their current ad booking system through database integration or custom XML job tickets.

Receiving ads with Ad Ticket data

GWG Ad Ticket data is stored as XMP data along with the PDF ad file. This data can come from an ad booking system, website portal, or in the case of our sample flow, a SwitchClient Submit point.


SwitchClient is a client application that can run on any machine (Win or Mac) within reach of Switch. When the operator opens SwitchClient, he can review jobs in Checkpoints or submit jobs into flows through Submit points. In the sample flow, the Submit point has been configured to get the GWG Ad Ticket data. This data is then joined with the PDF as metadata. This metadata can be used to make sorting decisions, or set parameters within other applications driven by Switch.

Presorting the jobs
Once the ads are submitted, the Ad Ticket data is used to route the job to the right process. If the job is defined as Black and White, or Full Color, the ads are sorted and directly submitted to PitStop Server for Smart Preflight & Correction. If the ad is marked as a spot color job, it is sent to a Switch Checkpoint where an operator is alerted and he can determine if the job is really a spot color ad or if it should be converted to a four color job. If the spot color ad is to be converted to four color, it is automatically sent to PitStop Server for the color conversion.

The Smart Preflight process

Smart Preflight & Correction allows values within a Preflight Profile (the set of parameters used to verify a file) to be adjusted on the fly to match the Ad Ticket specifications. This increases the accuracy of the verification process as well as reduces the number of checks needed since many parameters can be adjusted dynamically for each ad.

Within the sample flow, Switch links the correct metadata fields to the matching settings within PitStop Server. The PDF with the Ad Ticket is then submitted to PitStop Server where the values from the Ad Ticket are used to verify if the PDF file matches the ad ordered.

If the PDF passes the verification process, then it is placed in the "Ready for Layout" folder for additional processing. Any ads that fail the preflight are placed in the "Fail or Warning" folder along with its associated preflight report describing the problem.

From there, an operator is notified in SwitchClient that a job needs review and a decision made on processing. In this case, he can correct the file from SwitchClient and submit it for layout, or reject the file to be sent back to the client for corrections or verification.