Integrated Workflow Solutions

Modular Designs For Greater Efficiency and Productivity

Workflow ESP Advanced Prepress Automation

From File Retrieval to Plate Output, and All Processes In between, Automated
Fusion Workflow ESP provides total control over prepress production. In the business of printing, quality and control over time and materials is critical. Workflow automation is the key to success for every size job, be it  daily newspapers, weeklies or any type of commercial publication work.

Magazine Prepress Automation

From File Retrieval to Plate Output, and All Processes Inbetween, Automated
Publication  prepress automation with Dot-Locked digital integrity quality control, and all of the tools
necessary to keep production running smoothly and error free. Workflow ESP simplifies and automates the broadest range of prepress tasks.

Ink Optimization

Automated Ink Optimization and Intelligent Color Conversion
Now that DeviceLink profiles have increasingly established themselves for processing digital data for various reproduction methods, ZePrA from ColorLogic offers a solution for automating the color conversion of PDF and pixel files by means of ICC and DeviceLink profiles.

Image Enhancement Automation

Intelligent Automated Image Analysis and Publication-centric Enhancement
Elpical Claro Premedia provides a complete image processing workflow for printers, publishers and online communication companies that require fast processing of high volumes of images while achieving cost reduction and improved quality.

Through the Claro Individual Image Analysis, Claro Premedia individually analyzes each image for a range of specific parameters and then enhances the image for highest-quality results… even images inside a PDF.

Press Color Control and Verification

From Soft-proofing to Proof to Press and Printed Product
pressSIGN-Pro and the pressSIGN Global Print Management solution measures and controls the printing process for up to 16 color printing to ensure accurate color on press. pressSIGN  features a complete set of analysis tools to help improve press and operator performance by identifying issues with waste and quality. Can be deployed for a single press or across the globe to monitor and validate press color accuracy around the world.

PDF Workflow Tools and Automation Solutions

From key PDF task automation tools to fully integrated PDF workflow automation.  Solutions covering distributable PDF generating and preflighting applets to workflow solutions that address requirements for integration with legacy prepress, web-to-print, cross-media publishing, MIS Systems, and more.


SmartLightning System

New Calibratable LED norm-light source available - go green!

SmartLightning System brings you the first LED based Norm-light source that enables both brightness and color temperature control. This innovative Norm-light solution from LacunaSoultions is based on an advanced LED Array, industrial-grade controller and interface software. The solution is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux and will set any color temperature between 3500 and 12000 Kelvin with a luminescence up to 2200 Lux, achieving its goal precisely using a common spectrometer.  Click hear to learn more . . .