Fusion Publication Proofing System

Web-Browser Based Publication Proofing for
Magazine and Newspaper

Publication Proofing System is a Web-Based Post-RIP PDF Soft-Proofing system. Optimized
for Newspaper and publication environments, it provides a simple and organized way to soft-proof and approve already RIPed pages and ads to show exactly how they will print on press. 

Publication Proofing System is the ONLY product available that gives you the ability to see raster PDF proofs made from the actual RIPed 1-bit TIFF data that will be used to make plates. Publication Proofing System has a simple to understand interface, with complete
approval and or reject capability.

Web browser interface
Standard web browsers, including Explorer, Firefox and Safari can be used to view page thumbnails and proofs. So users on either Mac’s or PC’s will view the same exact information with up-to-date page status reporting.

Real-time Production Management
PPS is updated in real time as a "side-effect" of the actual production. PDFs are based on the 1-bit TIFF RIPed data that is ultimately sent for imaging to film or plate. The application allows for easily emailing proofs to customers and CSRs, as well as deleting proofs.

Secure User Access and Privileges
The Publication Proofing System can be configured for three levels of user privileges; Administrator, User, and Viewer. Administrators have full rights to add and or delete Publications and Users, assign specific users to specific publications and manage publication rollover dates. 

Users have rights to review and approve or reject page proofs of publications they are authorized to view.  Viewers can view all publications they are authorized to see along with job status information but can not approve or reject proofs.

Press-accurate raster PDF proofs
Since every PPS thumbnail and PDF proof is created from the actual halftone plate data (1-bit TIFF separations), they are truly press accurate. That means no more surprises on the press. Fonts, overprints and transparencies are shown exactly the way the job will print.

Total Control
The ability to view the actual dots that create the plates means that you’re looking at a virtual or “soft” press sheet. Simple buttons allow you to approve, reject, delete or even email the PDF proof from the convenience of a web browser, anywhere, anytime you can access it via a web browser.

Industry Standard PDF
While PPS displays JPEG previews with PDF equivalents from post-RIP halftone data. This means that PPS can leverage Adobe Acrobat’s PDF review cycle, allowing customers to review and comment remotely, without sending the PDF data back and forth.

Unlimited User access
No limits are placed on the number of users that can be authorized to access a Publication Proofing System. Publication Proofing System can be set up as an internal proofing system, a soft-proof and approval site for external clients, or any combination of internal/external users each with different log-in and password, and unique access privileges.

    PPS Literature

    PPS Literature

Press-Accurate laser and ink jet proofs
Since PPS produces standard PDF page files from the high resolution 1-bit TIFF separations to be used for plate production, you can print PPS page proofs to any laser or ink-jet printer for press-accurate hard proofs, without the need for expensive third party software to recombine your 1-bit separations into a composite proofing file.

A Fusion Publication Proofing System workflow can be configured to automatically output press-accurate hard copy proofs, as soon as they are available, to any local or remote proofing printer.

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