Newspaper Prepress Automation

Workflow ESP Advanced Prepress Automation

Fusion Workflow ESP provides total control over prepress production. In the business of printing, quality and control over time and materials is critical. Workflow automation is the key to success for every size job, be it multi-section daily newspapers, weeklies or any type of commercial work.

With Fusion’s Workflow ESP prepress automation and digital integrity quality control, you’ll have all the tools necessary to keep production flowing error-free, and all the tools necessary to simplify and automate the broadest range of tasks.

Controlling Prepress Through Task Automation
A comprehensive publishing prepress workflow providing advanced automation across file receipt, pre-flighting, file and color correction, ink optimization, routing, processing, press accurate soft-proofing, imposition and output. 

Web-based communications allow everyone the status of each job and provides local production personnel and remote clients with 'Dot-Locked' post-RIP page proofing and approval capabilities.

Key benefits
• Web-Based Workflow Management
• Automated Pre-flighting, Correction and Routing
• Advanced Color Tuning and Ink Optimization
• RIP Once, Output Many 'ROOM' Workflow Integrity
• Post RIP Tamplate-based Dynamic Job Routing™
• Automated Post-RIP Page-Pairing and Imposition
• Automated Web Growth Compensation
• Web-Based Post-RIP Soft-Proofing and Approval
• Advanced Full-Resolution Plate Soft-Proofing
• Automated Load Balancing and Tracking
• Print File Format (CIP3) Ink Control Interface

Web-Based Workflow Management and Post-RIP Publication Proofing
All aspects of the workflow, from file receipt to final approval and output, is provided through secure client portals and the web-based Publication Proofing System.  The intuitive interface for job monitoring, status reporting, output management, and raster soft-proofing enable real-time status updates and extended access.

Automated File Receipt, Pre-flighting and File Correction

Easily set up automated retrieval of files from client FTP sites, local Hot Folders and incoming mail addresses. Files are immediately pre-flighted based on job type, corrected as necessary and routed as necessary. Most any type of file task can be automated such as color image enhancement, color standardization, ink optimization, file duplication for alternate workflows, etc. prior to routing files for RIPing, Post-RIP proofing and page pairing or imposition.

• File reception through FTP and email
• Powerful Visual Workflow Editor and Monitoring
• Automated File Sorting by type, naming convention, date, etc.
• Extensive Automated PDF File Pre-flighting and Correction
• Automated File Correction based on Custom Rules
• Automated High Quality Transparency Flattening
• Automated PDF File Optimization and Image Enhancement
• Automatic email notifications to customers, CSRs and Production
• Activity logging and job processing statistics reporting

Workflows automatically check files for correct color separation conversions (RGB to CMYK), process black text to 100% black, spot colors to CMYK, Monochrome only, or can apply more specific rules and actions lists to ensure file processing consistency.




Rip Once, Output Many 'ROOM' Workflow Digital Integrity
Individual pages are then routed and automatically converted to DigiPage “digital film” production files. These digital production files allow for soft and hard-copy “press-accurate” post-RIP proofing, as well as post-RIP page-pairing and imposition prior to final output to film or CTP imagers. 

Because the same file is always used to proof, imposition and plate you always know in advance that plating will proceed predictably and how the printed job will look.


Dynamic Job Routing™
Crucial to reliable automation, this innovative feature ensures that ripped pages are named and numbered correctly, and intelligently routed exactly as required for specific workflow processes – every time.

Web-Based Post-RIP Soft-Proofing
Publication Proofing System (PPS) automatically posts fully ripped page proofs by publication date, name and section for easy web access. Raster-PDF proofs of ads or pages can be quickly opened within common web-browsers for internal and/or external viewing.  Easily access detailed information on job status from any local or remote workstation. See which flats are awaiting approval and which have been forwarded for final film or plate output. Identify potential problems early to prevent time consuming bottlenecks, search for specific pages by name to review detailed file processing information and more.



Automated Post-RIP Page Pairing and Imposition
Proofed and approved digital production pages are automatically paired or imposed into signatures. Pages are automatically inserted into imposition signatures as soon as they arrive in their assigned watch folders. Completed flats are automatically queued and routed for final film or CTP output. Completed flats are automatically queued for output.

Advanced Imposition Capabilities are Standard Features
Fusion Systems' Workflow ESP incorporates Dynagram DynaStrip Automation for unparallelled controll and flexibility.  DynaStrip allows you to build any type of signature layout required including combinations of broadsheets and tabloid pages.  Provides 2, 4, 8, 16, 32-up + page layout,  automated web-growth compensation, custom landscape and marks.

• Easy-to-learn digital light-table interface and object-oriented architecture
• Automation can monitor up to 400 publication directories simultaneously
• Automated web-stretch compensation and digital separation plate cocking
• Keeps template creation and management to a minimum
• Job ganging and press-sheet optimization, combine broadsheets and Tabs
• Outputs to any printer, digital imaging device, image setter or plate setter
• Floating licenses enable output from multiple workstations using a single Security Key.

Advanced Full-Resolution Plate Soft-Proofing
Quickly and easily soft-proof high resolution screened plate files from anywhere on your network for total quality control prior to plating. Provides remarkably fast magnification and signature roaming. Emulate dot gain and even media color and how they affect the job.

Press Color Accurate Soft Proofing
A standard feature is the ability to exactly match the presses color reproduction characteristics on the soft proof using the built-in Spectral Manager.  Simply print a target, take readings and enter the data into the Spectral Manager.  Calibrate the soft proofing display and immediately start viewing press color accurate proofs of the raster separations as a composite image.

Last Minute Fixes Made Fast and Easy
Last minute changes like correcting plate orientation, plate flopping for direct print, merging spot separations of the same color into on one separation color, deleting superfluous color separations, cleaning plate noise, color remapping and more are accomplished quickly using the professional tools included.

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