FasTIFF Workflow Accelerator

FasTIFF is a output plug-in for Harlequin RIPs that provides a much higher performance of all TIFF file output generation.  In addition to exceptional performance and throughput, FasTIFF also provides remarkable productivity features. 

Key Attributes
• Enables fast generation of a various of TIFF formats
• Provides a choice of common industry compression formats
• Provides support for both Conventional & Advanced Template-based file naming
• Uses multi-thread algorithms to leverage the latest in multi-core hyper-threading CPUs
• Provides a simple interface for advanced file and job post-process scripting capabilities

File generation performance gains using FasTIFF over the standard Harlequin RIP TIFF plug-in can be several time faster.  Results vary depending on resolution, screening, output mode, compression, job content and hardware platform. 

Fusion Systems FasTIFF uses unique compression algorithms and file processing optimization that are the key to superior TIFF generation performance. FasTIFF is multi-thread enabled to take full advantage of Intel Dual, Quad and Dual Quad multi-core CPUs, on both OSX and Windows host CPUs. 

The ability to accelerate the creation of TIFF files and perform a wide range of task automation, using FasTIFF's extended post-process scripting features, simplifies and automates many production tasks.


Features & Benefits

Data Formats
FasTIFF also supports tiled, single-file CMYK + Spot color and single-file monochrome TIFF output, in addition to formats supported by the standard Harlequin RIP TIFF plug-in,

Conventional and (extended) Template-based File Naming
In addition to the options provided by the standard TIFF plug-in, FasTIFF provides additional options for conventional based naming (the ability to place all output from a given job into its own folder and the ability to use the file name instead of the job name) and an extended set of template variables for template-based files naming. 

High Performance Compression Formats
Within the FasTIFF interface is a range of selectable, highly optimized, performance algorithms for implementing the standard compression methods required by all high-end workflows.

Taking advantage of the latest multi-core CPUs, FasTIFF is multi-threaded so as to provide maximum performance on today's hardware. This offers the highest performance possible, for last minute production of time critical jobs.

Advanced File and Job Scripting
In addition to per file (separation) post-processing scripts, FasTIFF also enables end-of-job post-processing. This provides the ability to have all output from a job moved into a unique directory automatically for a variety of production task purposes, i.e. archive completed job, transfer all job 1-bit TIFF separations to a remote FTP site, hold all TIFF files pending approval to proofs, etc.  Almost any scripting language can be used to create customized post-process task automation. 

FasTIFF Brochure


• RGB Full Color Composite Images
• CMYK Full Color Composite Images 
• CMYK + Spot Color Images 
• 1 bit per pixel – 1-bit Separations
• 8 bits per pixel Composite
• Separated (single file per separation)
• PPM TIFF for Durst Imagers (Lambda LightJets, Rho Flatbed Imagers)

Compression Formats
Packbits - TIFF 

RIPs Supported
Harlequin  Eclipse Version 7.2 – 9.0r1 

Operating Systems Supported
Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 R2
Windows 7 PRO, Windows 10 Pro
Apple Mac OS X  10.5 – 10.14