“The combination of Enfocus Switch and Enfocus PitStop Server provides greater
automation, more functionality, control and flexibility. With the help of Fusion Systems,
he new workflowwas easily configured to our specific production needs.”

                                                                        Ron Cantillo, Prepress Manager, Honolulu Star-Advertiser


PitStop Server,an essential tool in any prepress department

• Preflights files and searches for common and evensome uncommon productionerrors
• Reduces the risk of human errors and ensures high quality every time
• Frees up operator time for tasks that can be charged for and improving customer relations

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Switch, the workflow automation solution

Examples of repetitive tasks that can be automated:

• Downloading files from FTP servers or e-mail inboxes and routing them where they need to go.
• Sending notification or confirmation e-mails to customers.
• Sorting files by file type, metadata, and conditions.
• Converting native layout documents to print-ready PDFs.
• Integrating with third-party software for ad booking, ad tracking systems, page pairing, ink saving, • image enhancement, imposition, color management, proofing, etc.

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