DigiPage (ROOM) Workflow Automation

A Rip Once - Output Many (ROOM) Plug-in For Harlequin RIPs

DigiPage is a true Render Once, Output Many (ROOM) workflow Add-on for Harlequin RIPs that provides single page processing, exact match halftone dot proofing, post-RIP imposition and advanced prepress workflow automation.

DigiPage is a powerful room (render once, output many) workflow designed to handle high volume page processing. DigiPage provides for post rip imposition and complete digital integrity between proofing, plating and the final printed work.

Each DigiPage files contain a complete set of production workflow files:
 • High resolution screened 1-bit TIFF separations for final output to film, plate, or digital press.
•  A low resolution composite 8-bit TIFF proofing file created from the high resolution screened separations
•  A 72-dpi thumbnail preview file visible when placing DigiPage files into any layout program such as
    Dynagram DynaStrip, Preps Plus, Preps PRO and others.

All pages for any given job are processed in advance of proofing and imposition. Print directly to the RIP from any application, or use Hot Folder input queues, and DigiPage automatically outputs a single "DigiPage" file for each page the job with accurate file naming and page numbering. 

DigiPage Workflow Features    

•  A True RIP Once, Output Many (ROOM) Plug-in Option for OS X and Windows Harlequin RIPs.

•  Functions like an output device.  Page are printed to the RIP to produce single page DigiPage production files.

•  Provides all required 1-bit TIFF separations (up to 16 color plates) and composite halftone-dot proofing files in
    one pass.   All elements are held together in a postscript envelope for easy post-RIP imposition and proofing output.

•  Absolute digital integrity proofing of pages prior to imposition is proven to compress correction cycles,
    and eliminate waste.

• All DigiPage elements are held together in an industry standard (EPS) file jacket.

• Automatically create DigiPage halftone dot Raster-PDF proofs for soft proofing or printed proofs.

• Print DigiPage composite proofing files to any laser or ink-jet proofer.

• Import 'Ready to Plate" DigiPage files into imposition templates for plate or digital press output.

• Built-in advanced Template-Based Naming, True Page Numbering and Post-process Scripting
   provide workflow automation.

     DigiPage Product Sheet

     DigiPage Product Sheet

All composite proofing files are generated directly from high resolution screened (1-bit TIFF) separation data so that the digital proofs are always an exact match to the final printed work

-   The DigiPage Proof ALWAYS matches the Printed Job   -


New features in DigiPage now allows a copy of the composite proofing file to be automatically generated and saved as an 8-bit tiff or raster-PDF file into specified directories. This allows anyone on the local network to use standard PDF viewing applications such as Adobe Reader, Acrobat, Apple Preview and many others to perform post-RIP accurate soft proofing of all pages at their workstations. 

DigiPage can be used to make high quality halftone dot proofs on ink-jet printers for hard copy proofs that accurately show fit, traps, knockouts and over-prints. DigiPage raster-PDF halftone dot proofs can also be e-mailed for client review, collaboration and approval.

DigiPage dynamically generates output directory hierarchies based on file naming. Combined with DigiPage's advanced Template-Based Naming and True Page Numbering features both post-RIP proofing and imposition can be totally automated. Built on industry standards, DigiPage files are compatible with all imposition applications, digital proofers, film imagers, digital presses and CTP devices.

The DigiPage ROOM Workflow Automation Plug-in for Harlequin RIPs
is available for Windows and Mac OS X Harlequin RIPs v.7.0 and higher!


Works seamlessly with Fusion Systems' Publication Proofing System for internet-based post-RIP soft proofing, real-time production status reporting, remote proofing, imposition automation and production quality control.


DigiPage is compatible with all Fusion OSX and Windows Harlequins RIPs, as well as Harlequin RIPs from most other Global Graphics Software Ltd Harlequin RIP OEM Partners.  

For more information or a free trial license of DigiPage please contact us